Monday, March 12, 2012

Kony 2012: what you should think

Actually, I'm not going to tell you what you should think, but I do think you should do something.

As of right now this video has been seen over 73 million times in a little over a week, making it the most viral video in history in terms of how fast it's grown.

Since the overnight rise of this message there has also been criticism of the video and of Invisible Children.  Invisible Children wrote a response to help answer the criticism.

My thought in all of this at first was, "Oh no, now this is going to become a fad."  Invisible Children has been going for years and I knew about them before this past week and like a special insider I felt like I had privileged information but now that it's blown up I was bummed because now it wasn't just some thing I knew about but everyone knows about (kind of like when you first started rocking skinny jeans and then everyone else did - it just wasn't cool anymore because everyone else was doing it).

Then I thought about that for a moment and decided my "Oh no" moment was stupid because more people finding out about child soldiers is a good thing and more people seeking to do something about it is a good thing. I've heard people say they are tired of seeing the video everywhere, but I think we need to see the video everywhere to constantly be reminded that something needs to be done.

I've heard some criticism about how IC uses their money (which I think it's perfectly fine how they use their money since they disclosed how they use their money in their response to critics and I think their approach is fine) and how they should give more money to help on the ground in Africa, but I think the same people giving critiques are people who would have no idea how to run an organization like this and are the same people who weren't doing anything in the first place to make this world better.

My thought on all of this is that we shouldn't criticize or hate because this organization is trying to do something great, but rather we should join with them.  They reported an injustice to the world and the world should do something about that rather than critique.  There are all sorts of excuses (Look at how they use money, there are other injustices in the world, they've oversimplified the issue, etc.) but thy excuses and critiques can help us justify why we should do nothing.

I'm glad IC brought this to the world's attention and I think we ought to join in with something bigger than ourselves to make a difference, because the truth is, before all this, most of us weren't really doing anything.  Now is your chance to join and write to politicians and spread the word.

Don't hate.

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